3 Ways To Use Low-Viscosity Epoxy Resin

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3 Ways To Use Low-Viscosity Epoxy Resin

Epoxy resins have the unique ability to harden to a glass-like shine, unlike other artistic mediums. After combining two products, a hardener and a resin, the covering sets up and hardens, instantly preserving the surface. Although many people wonder how they might use such a unique product, low-viscosity epoxy resins are beautiful, simple to use, and fun to experiment with. Here are three ways to use a low-viscosity epoxy resin

1. Create A Swag Table

One of the most interesting things about using a low-viscosity epoxy resin is that unlike high-viscosity resins, low-viscosity versions are easy to pour, making it simple to work around delicate materials. Oftentimes, people use low-viscosity resins to create interesting swag tables for their homes or businesses.

Consider getting an old, yet sturdy table, and covering it with interesting items, such as bottle caps. After mixing up a large batch of low-viscosity epoxy resin, you can cover the caps, creating a glass-like surface with interesting bottle caps underneath that will be visible to visitors. You can use this technique to preserve any number of swag items, from t-shirts and concert tickets to interesting stones and nature elements. 

2. Beautify That Live Edge Shelf

Live edge slabs of wood are prized for their interesting, natural edges, knots, and imperfections. While many people choose to sand and polish live edge slabs to use in furniture making, others choose to cover live edge shelves with epoxy resins, allowing the material to drip over the edges to protect that bark or sanded surface. As a result, the live edge slab will become smooth and splinter-free, creating a perfect side table or coffee table. As an added bonus, the resin can also be used to fill in knots or holes in the wood.

3. Craft One-Of-A-Kind Paperweights

If you want to take care of a smaller project around your house, think about creating a one-of-a-kind paperweight with low-viscosity epoxy resin. Place a small object that you like into a plastic cup, such as a flower, a favorite coin, or another small trinket. Pour epoxy resin into the cup and wait for it to harden. When it has hardened, use sandpaper and polishing cloths to shine up the new paperweight.

Although you may be a little nervous about working with a new material, epoxy resins are a fun, easy way to create gorgeous artwork and special furniture pieces. Before you start your project, make sure you have enough time, space, and epoxy so you aren't grappling for more supplies down the road. It pays to be prepared, so don't be nervous about spending a little extra time towards paving the way for your project.

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