Signs Your Diamond Ring Needs Repair

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Signs Your Diamond Ring Needs Repair

Announcing an engagement is a great milestone that most people wish to accomplish with their life partner. During the engagement, the ring is an important gift that one partner receives as a sign of commitment. Of all ring types, diamond rings are the most valuable, and receiving a diamond ring means that you are special. Since diamonds are expensive, you need to take care of yours to ensure it lasts long.

One way of maintaining your ring is through repair. However, diamond rings are durable, and you may not easily notice that your ring requires repair over time. When the minor damage remains unattended, the damage may spread, and you may eventually have to replace your ring entirely. Replacement is costly, and you may also lose a ring with sentimental value. Hence, you need to understand the following indicators of a diamond ring that needs repair.

Loose or Shifted Stones

A loose diamond stone is a cause for concern. Loose stones can easily fall off, leaving the setting empty. The diamonds may loosen when the ring regularly falls or due to physical pressure. Additionally, the stones may break in the process, and that interferes with the diamond size. Hence, the stone may no longer fit into the ring setting accordingly. Therefore, you need to inspect your ring regularly to determine whether there's a misaligned or loose stone. 

If you notice stone movement, you need a jeweler to repair the stones. In this case, repair may entail smoothening the broken parts and firmly fixing the stone onto the prong or setting. At times, the diamond ring repair expert may have to re-tip and rebuild the prong. Replacement of the prong with a firmer one that can accommodate the diamond may also be necessary.

Scratched and Dull Stones

Diamonds are shiny and beautiful but are prone to scratches. Since you may be wearing your ring all the time, your ring may rub against rough surfaces even when undertaking daily chores, resulting in scratches. These scratched diamonds do not look appealing. Additionally, the diamond may become dull due to exposure to water, heat, and damage. Therefore, you need a jeweler to polish your ring and restore your diamond's luster and appeal. Consider taking your ring for regular polishing after every few months.

The presence of scratches, looseness, and dullness of your diamond ring signifies that your diamond ring needs repair. Consider hiring a jewelry expert to do the repairs and restore your ring's original appeal. A jeweler can provide further information regarding diamond ring repair.

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